Rates and Agreement Forms

The rates are $499 for the Vis-à-vis or Covered Wagon for a minimum of two hours of service plus a fee of $100 for each additional hour. Travel up to 50 miles from Staunton is included in our base rate. A $50 surcharge is applied for any travel over Afton Mountain. For events further than 50 miles away from Staunton, please see our milage rates below.

Definition of the two hour time of service:

  1.     The time begins when the agreement form requests Classic Carriage’s services to begin. For example, if the agreement states that the wedding will end at 2:30 pm and the brides needs to be picked up at that time, that’s when the clock begins. If the wedding goes over 15 minutes, Classic Carriage time still begins at the time that is stated in the agreement.

  2.     What is not charged on the agreement form is the travel and setup time to get the horses and equipment to the location and ready for the event. Likewise, the tear down and cleanup time is not counted as a part of the agreement time.

  3.     Classic Carriage counts on approximately two hours set up time and 90 minutes tear down time on top of travel time to and from the event.

A $99 non-refundable deposit to Classic Carriage is required to confirm a reservation for a specific date and time. The deposit is applied to the total fee.


Mileage Rates

The milage rate to transport equipment and the horses is based on $1.50/per mile, round trip. Travel up to 50 miles from Staunton is included in our base rate. Mileage rates may vary according to current fuel rates and if travel is required over Afton Mountain. Please call Matt Hickey to receive a quote on an approximate cost to transport horses and equipment to your special event.

Cancellation Policy

  1. If cancellation occurs less than eight weeks and more than three weeks from the scheduled event, 50% of the $499 fee ($250 less deposit) will be invoiced by Classic Carriage.

  2. If cancellation occurs less than three weeks from the scheduled event, the entire fee of $499 (less deposit) will be invoiced by Classic Carriage.

  3. In the event of inclement weather, Classic Carriage will do everything possible to provide the expected services even if the weather is less than ideal with the exception of thunder and lighting.

  4. Classic Carriage reserves the right to make a final call based on the safety and well being of the guest, equipment and of course for the the safety of the horses.

  5. In the event that something happens to the horses (such as sickness or lameness) or there is equipment breakdown that prevents performing contracted services, Classic Carriage will notify the Client immediately. A refund of all monies paid will be refunded.

Online Contract

Print and Mail to:

Classic Carriage

160 Miller Farm Rd

Staunton, VA 24401

click herehttp://www.bridalu.com/cc/contract.pdfhttp://www.classiccarriageva.com/Contract.pdfshapeimage_3_link_0

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                         Matt & Stacie Hickey

                            160 Miller Farm Rd

                           Staunton, VA 24401

                                  (540) 421-9231


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