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Classic Carriage does all it can to personalize each event to meet the needs and dreams of the customer without compromising their safety. Travel time with “two horsepower” takes approximately 12 to 15 minutes to go one mile. Terrain, road conditions and motorized vehicle traffic may alter this estimated time. The carriage and wagon are equipped for road safety with flashing lights for daytime and night driving. Classic Carriage is known for its creative and professional carriage services throughout the Shenandoah Valley and throughout the tri-state area. Any one of the coachmen will work with your wedding planner or photographer by allowing plenty of time to capture the highlights of your special day.


With a minimum of two hours to book our services, there are many ways to incorparate us into your event and get the most out of your two hours. Here are a few ways you can use Classic Carriage at your event: 

•  Classic Carriage can transport the bride and bridesmaids or parent(s) to the wedding location.


• Classic Carriage can transport the bride and groom away from the wedding site to the reception facility. This gives the newlyweds a break from the cameras and stress to relax and enjoy the sounds of horse hooves pounding the pavement. This experience can serve as meaningful ‘alone’ time to recuperate.

•  Classic Carriage encourages an outdoor photo-op time with the carriage and horses in the background for the bride and groom. These pictures may also include family, bridesmaids, groomsman, etc.


•  Following the fantasy ride for the bride and groom, the driver is open to giving rides during the reception for friends and guests to experience the joy of riding a carriage pulled by two beautiful horses. Many couples comment that this was a real highlight for their family and guest.


•  A Classic Carriage ride through downtown, on the highway or on the back forty will always be remembered.


•  What if the wedding and reception location are too far apart to use Classic Carriage?


•  A number of couples have chosen to opt for a limo, antique car or a convertible ride to a location close to the reception and then arrive in Classic Carriage style at the reception.


•  Ample time is remaining for giving rides during the reception. Grandparents, parents and especially children like carriage rides during this time. 


•  A ride in a carriage or on the wagon will convey a vision of true elegance and distinction!

*Please contact us for historic events or any other special event*


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